The acoustics in Italy and the foundation of the School

The educational structures in Italy do not provide at the moment the special competencies necessaries to face the strongly multidisciplinary aspects which characterize the various applications of the acoustics.
Therefore in most italian Universities the teaching of acoustics occupies just border spaces, and only in a few of them the acoustics is fully inserted in the whole of courses  necessaries to obtain the degree in Engineering, Physics and Architecture.
Also these educational contributions are however revealed inadequate compared with the several troubles brought about applied acoustics, from the sound insulation of the machines to the evaluation of human noise effects, from the reduction of traffic noise to the design of spaces dedicated to music and speech.
The present educational contributions are also totally inadequate as regards the professional requirements of the "technician in acoustics", whose figure is referred by recent laws concerning the acoustical pollution in living and working places.
Because of this lack in the italian scholastic system, the University of Ferrara has decided to found a School of acoustics making provisions for carrying out permanent training and professional courses on the basis of art. 6 of law 341 of 19/11/1990.
The School started to operate in the academic year '95/'96.

Characteristics of the School
The School is directed to graduates and undergraduates; it organizes base and improving courses of different duration in various periods of the year. The teaching staff is restricted and homogeneous, but at the same time it is open to the participation of italian and foreign specialists. The strict relationship between teachers and students is encouraged by several initiatives, i.e. the exercises in field and the guided tours to external laboratories. It is hope of everybody that those relationships go on also after the end of the courses, so that the School become a permanent point of reference for everyone wish keep itself up-to-date. For that purpose, some groups of study and research working on specific subjects will be created inside the School.
The lessons are held by following advanced educational methods. The self-check by the students of the correct learning of the arguments under discussion is encouraged. A great space is left for the practical exercises. As exhaustive books do not exist, the School has started the publication of a series of subject issues, whose collection is going to form a full manual.
The School is inserted in the activities of an european organization called SAVOIR (Sound and Vibration, Organization, Information, Resources), sponsored by CEE under the COMETT program.

Director of the School: Prof. Roberto Pompoli 

Responsible of the Courses: Dr. Alessandro Peretti

Scientific Commitee:

Edoardo Arslan Luigi Maffei
Giovanni Brambilla Alessandro Martini
Daniele Bertoni Marco Masoero
Eleonora Carletti Omar Nicolini
Ettore Cirillo Marco Pacetti
Alessandro Cocchi Alessandro Peretti
Angelo Farina Roberto Pompoli
Patrizio Fausti Luciano Rocco
Andrea Franchini Giuliano Schiffrer
Massimo Garai Domenico Stanzial
Carmine Ianniello

Collaborators to the organization of the courses

Francesca Pedrielli Nicola Prodi
Francesco Pompoli Elisa Bucchi


Scuola di Acustica, c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria - Via Saragat, 1 - 44122 FERRARA


Elisa Bucchi
0532/974905 (tuesday and friday, from 9 to 13)
Fax 0532/974870


Scuola di Acustica c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria - via Saragat, 1 - 44122 Ferrara